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F1X Arena
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F1X Arena
Profesional Maquinaria

OFERTA 189,98 € IVA incluido Añadir al carrito

Observaciones Bolsa Domke Classic Profesional ideal para 3 Cámaras SLR, con o sin motores, 9 a 13 Objetivos, 2 Flashes, Trípode pequeño, paraguas, películas y accesorios
Just "a little bit bigger" than the original Domke F-2, the F-1X is perfect for extended assignments or those which just require extra equipment. Inside you´ll find more than enough room for three complete 35mm or medium format camera systems and all of the gear that goes with them. The F-1X has even gained popularity among TV crews as a "run" bag.
3 cameras with or without motor drives, 9-13 lenses, 2 strobes, battery pack, small tripod, umbrella, film, and accessories.
Características Técnicas Fifteen compartments and pockets.
Patented four-compartment Padded Insert included.
Four pockets under weather flap conveniently organize small items.
Adjustable non-slip Gripper Strap is sewn completely around the bag.
Removable padded bottom stiffener.
Removable four-point carrying handle.
Main compartment 17L x 6.7W x 9"D.
Approximate weight 3 lbs. 4 oz.
Accesorios - Pouches "Spare pockets" that make useful additions to any shoulder strap, belt or camera bag. Weather flaps with adjustable Velcro closures.
Compact Pouch Great for lenses, flash units or cellphones. Adjustable Velcro tabs attach securely to shoulder straps or use the extra-wide belt loop. Accepts 1-compartment mini-insert (sold separately). Dimensions 9L x 5W x 3"D.
Cat. No. 710-10B ? Black Color
Cat. No. 710-10N ? Navy Color
Cat. No. 710-10S ? Sand Color
Super Pouch A great holster for handle-type strobes, battery packs, or even a 300mm F/4 lens. Same attachments as Compact Pouch. Dimensions" 11L x 5W x 3"D
Cat. No. 710-20B ? Black Color
Cat. No. 710-20N ? Navy Color
Cat. No. 710-20S ? Sand Color
Belt Pouch Designed originally for 4x5 film holders, but equally well suited for battery packs, 8mm video cassettes or personal stereos. Intended for belt use, no Velcro tabs. Dimensions 5L x 7W x 3.5"D.
Cat. No. 710-30B ? Black Color
Cat. No. 710-30N ? Navy Color
Cat. No. 710-30S ? Sand Color
Color-Coded Protective Wraps You can´t have too many of these! Constructed of padded, Velcro-compatible knit with a non-scratch nylon backing, these squares can be wrapped around lenses, tools, or anything else that will fit inside. Velcro tabs on all four corners let you wrap and stick them in any shape.
Available in Black, Red, Gray or Yellow for easy organization and quick ID. Sizes: 11´, 15" and 19".
11x11" Protective Wrap Cat. No. 722-11B ? Black
Cat. No. 722-11R ? Red
Cat. No. 722-11Y ? Gray
Cat. No. 722-11G ? Yellow
15x15" Protective Wrap Cat. No. 722-15B ? Black
Cat. No. 722-15R ? Red
Cat. No. 722-15Y ? Gray
Cat. No. 722-15G ? Yellow
19x19" Protective Wrap Cat. No. 722-19B ? Black
Cat. No. 722-19R ? Red
Cat. No. 722-19Y ? Gray
Cat. No. 722-19G ? Yellow
Domke Belts The perfect add-on to your F-5XB shoulder and Belt Bag or Accessory Pouch. Made of tough 2" wide canvas webbing with durable side-release buckle and removable key/accessory clip.
Cat. No. 745-2BK ? Regular, Black (adjusts from 28" to 40")
Cat. No. 745-2TN ? Regular, Tan (adjusts from 28" to 40")
Cat. No. 745-3BK ? Large, Black (adjusts from 28" to 52")
Cat. No. 745-3TN ? Large, Tan (adjusts from 28" to 52")
Gripper Camera Straps Called ?The Best? by Popular Photography?s Burt Keppler! For those times that you must carry your camera outside of your Domke bag. These straps deliver the same non-slip security as a Domke Shoulder Strap, but are scaled down and fitted with the hardware required to secure any SLR. "QR" models feature twist-proof quick release extensions.
Gripper Utility Strap Constructed of the same thick webbing used on all Domke Bags, with our Gripper non-slip tracks woven in. Fully adjustable 1.5" wide strap has durable nylon swivel hooks at both ends. Great for carrying hard cases and sling bags or as a supplementary waist strap for all your Domke bags.

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