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MT-24-EX Flash
Anulares › Montura Canon

799,00  IVA incluido      

OBSERVACIONES Macro Twin Lite MT-24 EX has twin flash heads for higher macro flash flexibility. Canon has extended the range of macro photography by means of E-TTL autoflash metering and multiflash control function with twin flash heads for optimum flexibility. The MT-24EX mounting ring can be attached directly to the front of the macro lens and has a control unit which tilts forward about 57 when mounted on the camera. Even when the short EF 50mm f/2.5 COMPACT MACRO lens is used, the control unit will not hit the flash heads, even when the mounting ring is rotated. The control unit has a large easy to read LCD panel adopting the familiar layout of other Speedlite models.
The Macro Twin Lite MT-24EX incorporates E-TTL flash technology to give properly balanced exposure, even under difficult lighting situations. When used in conjunction with Speedlite 550EX units, wireless control of up to three slave groups can be achieved with the option of first or second curtain synchronization.
Seven custom functions enable the flash to be set up for individual shooting styles while longer lasting power and quicker recycling times can be achieved by connecting the unit to external power packs. Two new custom functions have been also been added to the MT-24EX. C.Fn-8-1 which enables the flash ratio to be adjusted in1/2-stop or whole stop increments and C.Fn-9-1 whereby the focussing lamp is turned off/on when the shutter button is pressed halfway.
Flash ratio control special lighting effects can be achieved with different flash outputs coming from the top and bottom, or from the left and right. With such a versatile system, subtle lighting of fine images or three-dimensional effects is possible. The high guide No. 22/24 (twin/single) flash head firing in normal mode, is also suitable for normal flash photography. This broadens the use of the MT-24EX for non-macro flash photography.
Caractersticas tcnicas Normal Flash guide No. (at ISO 100 in m) Guide No. 22 (twin flash heads, at ISO 100 in meters) Guide No. 24 (with single flash head, at ISO 100 in meters)
Flash modes: Evaluative Through-the-lens(E-TTL)
Flash exposure Lock (FEL):High Speed Synchronization(FP Flash)
Flash exposure compensation:yes
Flash Exposure Bracketing: yes
Flash ratio control:Through-the-lens (TTL) Manual:Yes
Vertical bounce 45 upward (22.5 increments)
45 downward (22.5 increments)
Horizontal bounce 60 inward (15 increments)
30 outward (15 increments)
Mounting ring upward rotation 50 upward (5 increments)
30 downward (5 increments)
The increments are click-stop increments with no bounce lock.
Exposure confirmation Yes Built-in compensation +/- 3 stops
Flash Exposure Bracketing Yes (+ or - 3 stops, in 1/2 or 1/3 stop increments)
Wireless Slave Setting No, should be used as master unit
Second curtain Synch Yes
Standard power source 4 AA-size alkaline, Ni-Cd or Ni-MH
Accept AA Lithiums: Yes
Optional power source: Compact BP/Size-AA power, Size-C Pack, Dedicated Ni-Cd Pack, High-voltage Battery Pack, AC Power
Dimensions (W x H x D)(mm) Body: 74.0 x 125.9 x 97.4
Flash heads 235 x 90.4 x 49.0
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