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Kit Limpieza Sensor SC-4000
Camaras › Aerosoles

71,85 €  IVA incluido      

OBSERVACIONES Kit Limpieza Sensor por médoto de aspiración de partículas
CARACTERÍSTICAS GENERALES Please read the instructions for use carefully and in whole before beginning to clean your CCD or CMOS reflex camera
Ensure you have a well-lit and clean environment for the cleansing process
Please pay special attention to the safety precautions stated on the aerosol can
In order to avoid contamination or drying out, only open the packaging prior to immediate use
PICK UP ? One-way tube in sterile packing. Open the sterile packing and remove the tube, avoiding contact with the trumpet-shaped end piece. Connect the PICK UP tube with the MINI VAC pipe. Place the gas can and the dust container so that the gas escaping from the top of the dust collector can neither disturb the cleaning process nor be directly inhaled. Dust any existing dirt from the photo sensor by triggering the aerosol in short bursts.
CARACTERÍSTICAS TECNICAS Long triggering of the aerosol uses unnecessary amounts of gas and causes the can to cool resulting in a loss of pressure.
Contact between the PICK UP and the sensor does not leave any residues, however, when in connection with dust particles contact may cause damage to the surface coating of the sensor. In order to avoid any dust-transfer use the same process to clean the entire reflex shaft of your camera.
Only whenever necessary use WET & DRY double sachets after dusting, to dissolve any remainig grime smudges
WET FOAM S 4:the pre-soaked foam-tip dissolves the existing dirt contained in the solution, which can then be lifted off by application of DRY SWEEPER.
The tools should not be applied with too high pressure.
For any further queries please contact the specialist retailer from whom you purchased your GREEN CLEAN products. GREEN CLEAN DUSTING TOOLS are designed to be used with GREEN CLEAN Air Power and HI TECH Air Power. (Prod.Nr: G-2026 G-2041 G-2051)
INCLUYE 1 Aerosol 400ml
1 Sistema MINI-VAC
3 Bastoncillos de limpieza para sensores Full Frame
3 Toallas de limpieza secas
3 Toallas de limpieza húmedas
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